Rules Revealed!

Finally, the moment we’ve been all waiting for….The Official Rules of the Lauder 2013 Culture Quest have been published! The Rules Committee has worked tirelessly to devise creative tasks designed to help participants experience the local culture like no other traveler has (at least not on a single trip!). Challenges range from teaching at schools and dining with a locals families to rubbing shoulders with locals at Turkish baths and singing Romanian pop songs.

Check out the full list of rules here.

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Announcing Culture Quest 2013 – The Orient Express!


This year, we are excited to present to you the “Orient Express” Culture Quest, which will begin in Vienna, Austria on May 15 and culminate in Istanbul, Turkey on May 24. In the Culture Quest tradition, all teams will travel by land between those 2 cities on a route of their choice, while completing points along the way by participating in “Amazing Race” style challenges.

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