The route: Vienna to Istanbul and everywhere in between

  • While the trip will start/end in Vienna/Istanbul, teams are free to choose any reasonable route between the two provided they do not fly between cities.
  • The “official” route is the easiest administratively: Austria–>Hungary–>Romania–>Bulgaria–>Turkey. However, since we recognize many people have visited these stops before, you may propose an alternative.
  • There will be a secret midpoint stop of the trek (to be announced in the coming weeks) which have point boosting activities as well as a chance to catch up on the first half of your rival’s adventures.

Scavenger Hunt Point System

  1. All points and rules are subject to review and interpretation by administration at Lauder, led by Kim Norton
  2. Teams should not split up; penalties will likely be applied if a team member leaves the team.  We highly encourage teams to stay together for teamwork building and safety reasons.  We discourage teams splitting up for tasks due to mere preferences over activities or in attempts to gather extra points.  In order to receive credit for points, at least two team members must participate somehow in an activity (this could be as limited as one team member filming or taking a photo of another doing the activity).
  3. To earn points activities should be documented (typically photographed/filmed) and posted to your team blog; if documentation or posting is not possible, then the administration trusts each team to report activities truthfully
  4. In general: Easy or Quick tasks = 1 point; Hard or Time-consuming tasks = 5 points
  5. Point gathering methods:
    1. Perform and document on-list tasks
    2. Perform, document and submit off-list tasks to Lauder administration for approval and point designation; teams can only accumulate a maximum of 10 off-list points per day and no more than 40 off-list points over the course of the trip
    3. Win best picture of the day award of 5 points; picture must be posted on team blog; Lauder administration chooses the winner
    4. Midway dinner in Sofia; meet your fellow Culture Questees for dinner in Sofia (Bulgaria) on the night of May 20th at 8pm (location TBD) – 10 points per complete team
    5. Win the race to Istanbul; the first team to check into the hotel in Istanbul earns 15 points, second team earns 10 points and third team earns 5 points; if more than one team arrives at the same time, the 30 total points will be split across the teams arriving simultaneously
  6. Potential tie breaker resolved by a tug of war (place TBD)
  7. Winning team earns names engraved in the Culture Quest Annual Winner’s Plaque

Cultural Points (require whole to team to accomplish task)

  1. Eat a typical dish (1)
  2. Try a local beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) (1)
  3. Play a local instrument (1)
  4. Learn a local dance (1)
  5. Play a local sports game (1)
  6. Attend a professional sports event (3)
  7. See a movie in native language (3)
  8. Crash a wedding (5)
  9. Interview three generations of one family (3)
  10. Write a poem about an experience on the trip (1)
  11. Mail a postcard to Lauder Institute from a different place (1)
  12. Read a newspaper (1)
  13. Get a haircut (5)
  14. Go to a live music concert (3)
  15. Engage local kids in an activity (like playing an easy card game) (3)
  16. Dine with a local family (5)
  17. Meet with local Wharton/Lauder alumni (5)

Adventure Points (at least one member must accomplish the task)

  1. Go sailing (5)
  2. Go kayaking (5)
  3. Go horseback riding (5)

Business Points (whole team must complete)

  1. Interview a local business owner or work side by side with them or help them with their business (5_
  2. Related – Interview a local vendor in a marketplace and find out how they got started (and how they manage their inventory, etc.) (3)
  3. Tour a company’s operations (3)
  4. Negotiate to purchase something at the market (1)
  5. Sell an item that is not available in the local markets (3)

Educational Points (whole team must complete)

  1. Visit a school and give a presentation on language skills and learning (5)
  2. Provide tutoring (5)
  3. Visit a university and interview students or professors (3)
  4. Visit a library (1)

Service / Environmental Points (whole team must complete task)

  1. Visit sites of land degradation (3)
  2. Meet with an NGO focused on environmental sustainability (5)
  3. Clean a natural area or other public place for 1 hour (3)
  4. Volunteer for 2 hours (5)
  5. Build or help fix-up a shelter or site of interest (5)
  6. Plant a tree (5)

Political Points (whole team must complete task)

  1. Interview a local government official (e.g. the mayor of a town) (5)
  2. Interview a police officer or member of the military (3)
  3. Visit a doctor and interview them about the healthcare system (3)
  4. Meet with a political lobbying group (5)
  5. Engage the media in an activity you are undertaking  (do interview in your Lauder track language) (5)

Border Crossing (whole team must complete task)

1.  Take a picture at a border crossing (3)

Country Specific Tasks (whole team must complete task)

  1. Austria/Hungry – Visit Turkish or Roman ruins (Sopton at the Hungary border with Austria; Pecs in SW Hungary)
  2. Hungry – Chow down on Hungary’s national dish, goulash
  3. Austria/Hungry – Arrive at your next destination by unusual means (e.g., take a hydrofoil between Vienna and Budapest; or take the funicular down Buda hill in Budapest)
  4. Austria/Hungry – Unwind after a long day of Questing with a dip in one of the region’s many thermal baths
  5. Vienna – Observe the 400-year-old tradition of morning exercises of the Spanish Riding School, performed from 10 AM to noon in which white Lipizzan stallions perform to music.
  6. Vienna – Order a cuppa at Freud’s favorite coffee shop, Cafe Landtmann (near town hall)
  7. Vienna – Explore Baroque architecture at (1) Belvedere Palace on the city outskirts or at (2) Europe’s most beautiful library, the Austria National Library (in Josefplatz)
  8. Budapest – Bicycle the entire perimeter of Margaret Island (situated in the Danube River)
  9. Budapest – Sample Hungary’s famous reds and royal culture with a wine-tasting at the Royal Wine House and Wine Cellar Museum (Castle district)
  10. Budapest – Educate yourself on Eastern European folk music, with a night at Fono Budai Zenehaz (District XI, South Buda)
  11. Budapest – Buy your program director a souvenir at the city’s largest flea market, Ecseri Plac
  12. Serbia – Visit the White Palace (home of the Royal family)
  13. Serbia – Light a candle in St. Sava temple
  14. Serbia – Find your way to the Great War Island
  15. Serbia – Rent a bike at Ada Ciganlija and ride a full circle around the lake
  16. Serbia – Go up to Avala tower on Avala mountain (outside of Belgrade) [this will probably require a half day trip]
  17. Serbia – Try at least 5 different types of brandies in Rakia Bar – peach or quince flavour is recommended!
  18. Serbia – Have lunch or a coffee at “?” (“Question mark”), the oldest traditional tavern in Belgrade
  19. Romania – Feeling like a gymnast? Find a training facility and show us what you’ve got!
  20. Romania – Garlic and stake ready, go on the hunt for an iconic vampire in Transylvania
  21. Romania – Get a beer at the beer wagon
  22. Romania – Time to cool down. Find natural ice formations
  23. Romania – Sing a Romanian pop song
  24. Romania – Dessert time? Try some Kurtoskalacs
  25. Romania – Find the perfect spot to show us why Bucharest earned the nickname Micul Paris
  26. Bulgaria – Try some typical Bulgarian delicacies: Boza (drink), Ayryan (drink), Gyuvetch (eat), Banitza (eat), Kebapche (eat), Kyufte (eat), Shopska salata (eat), Rakiya (drink)
  27. Bulgaria – Find your way up to Kopitoto on Vitosha mountain (great view of Sofia at night)
  28. Bulgaria – Have a meal on the top floor of the National Palace of Culture (NDK)
  29. Bulgaria – Ring the Kambanite (The Bells) on Vitosha
  30. Bulgaria – Find and explore St George’s Basilica
  31. Bulgaria – Stroll around the Park Borisova Gradina (Boris’ Garden)
  32. Bulgaria – Party like a Bulgarian, hit up a chalga club (suggestions: Versai or BIAD)
  33. Bulgaria – It will be Prom season in Sofia… crash a party!
  34. Bulgaria – Get dirty! Take a salt and black mud bath near the Black Sea
  35. What is Nessebar? Find out and take a picture at these ruins.
  36. Find a route to Saint Anastasia Island (your picture must prove you are there)
  37. Turkey – Take a bath at the Cagaloglu Haman, a 1740 traditional bath house
  38. Turkey – Find the medusa head (tip: it is deep underground…)
  39. Turkey – Haggle! You must get at least a 75% discount on the original price offered to you at the Grand Bazaar. Let´s see what you learned about negotiation at Wharton…
  40. Turkey – Learn everything about tapestries and be offered free Turkish tea
  41. Turkey – Eat Lokum at the Egyptian Bazaar
  42. Turkey – Stick your thumb in this hole in the wall and make a wish
  43. Turkey – Take a cruise in the Bosphorus
  44. Turkey – Visit the Sultan Ahmed mosque
  45. Turkey – Cross the gates of felicity and find the best harem in town
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