2013 Teams

The Real Fabio Movement gets real

The Real Fabio Movement gets real

Team 1                                      Team 10 (Casino Royale)
Team 2                                      Team 11 (The Real Fabio Movement)
Team 3                                      Team 12
Team 4 (Varitey Pack)               Team 13 (Off the Grid)
Team 5 (Cowabunga)                Team 14
Team 6 (Rosé In The Day)        Team 15
Team 7                                      Team 16
Team 8                                      Team 17
Team 9 (Panda Express)

2012 Teams

The Big 5

The Big 5

Team Animalizers
Team Sandstorm
Team Big 5
Team Awimaweh
…and more!

2011 Teams

Team Huepa

Team Huepa

Team Huepa (2011 Winners)                      Team Yalla
Team Jungle Kittens                                    Team Stripling Whartons
Team Papi Esta Abajo                                 Team Los Sinverguenzas
Team Los Pistoleros                                    Team XOXO
Team 4 Fantasticos                                     Team Guapa
Team Los Indolentes                                   Team Vaya Con Dios

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